Rajiv Sarkar

Rajiv Sarkar

MBA (Marketing)

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Social Media Setup Plan

Social Media Setup Package is for those companies with virtually non-existent or casually created & maintained Social Media activities but are willing to setup, establish, strengthen & professionally maintain their Social Media presence. Detail of this package is as follows :

Social Media Setup Package for the Beginners.

One Time Professional Fees : 1,250 USD
Setup Time : 2 Months

After the completion of 2 months, once the initial Social Media Setup process is over, if you wish you may signup for monthly Social Media Marketing & Maintenance contract with us.

Scope of Work

  • Understanding the Products and or Services
  • Understanding company’s sales turnover plan and target market coverage (geographic) plan
  • Determining the target consumer segment
  • Creating Social Media Mission Statement
  • Researching on where target consumer are active online (Twitter, blogs, Facebook, etc.)
  • Prioritizing Social Media Channels and list these serially as per their importance based on estimated number or percentage of prospective consumers
  • Signing-up & create accounts on all these social media platforms at one go so that mostly similar looking or sounding user names can be obtained for all the channels
  • Picking two of these channels, which are in the top of the priority list to start with
  • Designing the channel’s look
  • Finalizing necessary strategies / tactics about the nature of posts required that needs to be published & posted
  • Finalizing the necessary keywords & #hashtags
  • Populating the Social Media accounts by publishing & posting initial contents relevant to your business & initiate post boosting (wherever this system is available)
  • Setting-up monitoring & reporting process
  • Creating a suitable publishing & posting schedule that works
  • Expanding into a new social media channels (following initial research & response on the target market)
  • Adjustments wherever and whenever necessary
  • Continue with the process

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Available Payment Options

Payment can be made in USD through PayPal and in INR through Indian Payment Gateway Instamojo.