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Rajiv Sarkar

MBA (Marketing)

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Social Media Marketing Plan

For clients who wish to have a longer term contract to Setup, Manage, Monitor & Manage their Social Media presence

It is not really possible to offer pre-fixed price or package for Social Media Marketing because every business or organization is different in terms of size, products, services, target audience, market coverage, marketing budget etc. So, to offer pricing for Social Media Marketing, first I need few information to understand the requirement / objective properly. Please fill in the inquiry form as clearly as possible so that I get enough insight about your requirement and can prepare the proposal for you accordingly.

Scope of Work

  • Understanding the Products and or Services
  • Understanding company’s sales turnover plan and target market coverage (geographic) plan
  • Determining the target consumer segment
  • Creating Social Media Mission Statement
  • Researching where the target consumers are active online (Twitter, blogs, Facebook, etc.)
  • Prioritizing social media channels and list these serially as per their importance based on estimated numbers or percentage of prospective consumers
  • Signing-up & creating accounts on all these social media platforms at one go so that mostly similar looking or sounding user names can be obtained for all the channels
  • Picking up two of these channels first, which are at the top of the priority list to start with
  • Design the channel’s look
  • Finalizing necessary strategies / tactics about the nature of posts required that needs to be published & posted
  • Finalizing the necessary keywords & #hashtags
  • Populating the Social Media accounts by publishing & posting initial contents relevant to your business & initiate post boosting (wherever this system is available)
  • Setting up monitoring & reporting process
  • Creating a suitable publishing & posting schedule
  • Expand into a new social media channel (following initial research & response on the target market)
  • Adjustments wherever necessary if required
  • Content ( texts / gifs / audios / videos )
  • Adjust and grow further
  • Repeat the learning and growing process for each new channel


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