Rajiv Sarkar

Rajiv Sarkar

MBA (Marketing)

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Social Media Marketing Team

An effective Social Media Marketing campaign need a team consist of Campaign Manager, PR Specialist, Content Creators (Text, Graphics, Videos) & Social Media Channel Managers. People who are working with me are young, experienced and thorough professionals. I form separate groups consist of 3 to 10 members in each group to work on different SMM projects of my clients. I often rotate team members among different groups which are working on different ongoing projects to insert necessary variations & freshness in the marketing campaigns because if same set of people keep working on same project for a long period of time, the campaign sometimes tend to loose fresh ideas and necessary variation and become too predictable. Team members also enjoy working on different types of projects and such rotation keep team members always on their toes.

The number of person working on campaigns usually depends on the campaign budget of the client & the campaign objectives.